Ttl4 Sunburst Downloads

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Ttl4 Sunburst Downloads

Students have individual accounts to log into the program.

Benefits Type to Learn 4 offers a web-enabled version that allows students to practice from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Product Information Type to Learn 4 has more thanlessons, 5 engaging, skill-targeted typing games with each lesson, and 7 diagnostic, formative, and summative keyboarding assessments.

5MB) Windows Web(School to Home) Please make sure to click "Save" when downloading the file rather than selecting "Open" (1.

The program is fairly large (1g ), but it is safe.

Launch the installer by double-clicking on the contained file in your 'downloads' or 'documents' folder.

These will be available on a loan basis.

By pre-configuring these files the installer will write the correct server information for you during the install.

Type to Learn 4 increases the ability to touch type, which is a necessity today.

Students may use the program from any computer that has the ttl4 client installed on it.

The account code is:There will be a few dvds with the application on it for those who do not have high-speed internet access.

(931MB) For technical support please visit CopyrightSunburst Digital, Inc.

Methodology Type to Learn 4 incorporates valuable input and feedback from teachers, students, and renowned keyboarding instruction experts.

Ways you could do this: save to a network drive, flash drive or burn it to a dvd.

Please contact your child s teacher if you d like to borrow one of these to try out the program.

We will not provide technical support for the installation or use of this program.

Our students say they enjoy the game aspect of it and have even said the tests are fun.

1GB) Network Only(For Network Admins Only) Included are three files; ProxySettings, Settings, and Settingstmp.

Ttl4 Sunburst Downloads

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